how can a lamb be a lion bible object lesson 2

how can a lamb be a lion bible object lesson 2


March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, says the old myth. That makes the month of March a little like the Lord Jesus, who was called both a lion and a lamb in the Bible. This simple Bible object lesson using a coffee mug can help children understand why Jesus can do the job of both lion and lamb, just like the month of March can have lion-like and lamb-like weather.

Bible Object Lesson: How Can a Lamb be a Lion (or Vice Versa)?

Household object: Coffee mug

Other materials:

– Pitcher
– Tea pot
– Wooden spoon
– Plastic cups for serving
– ice tea mix
– ice cubes
– tea bags
– hot water


Fill the pitcher with cold ice tea and ice cubes. Either make a tea pot full of hot tea in the church kitchen before class, or stop at a convenience store on your way to church and get a tall cup of hot tea.


We are now in the month of March. March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. What does that mean? It means that the weather will get much warmer as the month of March goes on. Sometimes the opposite is said to be true! If March goes in like a lamb – it starts with warm weather – what happens at the end of the month? It goes out like a lion. Or the month will then end in cold weather.

Who in the Bible is known as both a lion and a lamb? Jesus.

Jesus was called the lamb of God by John the Baptist. In John 1:29, John baptizes Jesus and points him out the next day for everyone standing around, and he said, “Behold the lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”

In Revelation 5:5 John the Apostle hears the elders in heaven refer to Jesus as the “lion of Judah,” saying he had “triumphed” or “won a great victory,” as if Jesus were some sort of warrior.

How can our Lord and Savior be described as a lion and a lamb? What did Jesus do that made people think of him as a lamb? He was kind and innocent like a lamb, and he lay down his life. Back then, people used to sacrifice lambs to atone for sins. He was the ultimate sacrifice, which made him the ultimate lamb.

What does or will Jesus do to make people think of him as a lion? That is a little harder to say. Let’s think about it. Lions are known as the Kings of the Forest, and Jesus is king…where? Up in heaven. Lions are known for being most powerful in the forest. How did Jesus show his power here on earth? By performing many miracles. His fight was against death and he brought people back from the dead. Lions can be scary. Jesus will be scary”¦when?  On Judgment Day to those who have hurt others and been hard-hearted and are not sorry.

March rolls in like a lion and rolls out like a lamb. Jesus came in like a lamb and will someday be known as a lion. We can understand how March can be both a lion and a lamb”¦something changes. What is it? The weather gets warmer. How can Jesus be both a lion and a lamb? Let use this coffee mug to demonstrate.

Pour some of the ice tea from the pitcher into the coffee mug. The liquid in this pitcher is hot! It could warm me up after a cold walk outside. It could wake me up in the morning. It could help ease a sore throat. It is tasty.  Pour the tea back into its container and fill the mug with iced tea instead. Take a sip. MM! This is so cold and good. It could quench my thirst. It could cool me off after a tough game of tennis or a jog in the heat. It could help me wash down my food. Both hot and cold drinks are good in their own ways, aren’t they?

This mug is a little like Jesus. He can run hot and cold also. He was hot on saving mankind. He runs cold when someone hurts others or when leaders treat their people unfairly. He runs hot on talking to us every day and being at the center of our lives. He runs cold when people ignore him or say he doesn’t exist or isn’t God.

Jesus left earth as a lamb, but he will return as a lion, to right the wrongs that have been done to us for which there has been no justice. March is only a month. Jesus will be both lion and lamb for eternity. Let’s think of him like this mug, which can be filled with hot tea, cold tea, water, grape juice, Kool-Aid, coffee, apple juice, hot apple cider or hundreds of liquids.

Jesus had over 200 names in the Bible, everything from Prince of Peace to Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Like the mug, he can serve us in our lives in hundreds of different ways!  He is both lion and lamb”¦let’s remember that in the Month of March.



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