hoppin froggies spring craft

Kids love the reappearance of frogs in the spring, and this spring craft creation of paper-plate froggies will make kids laugh. And they’ll remind kids that just like frogs have to reach far with those tongues to get their food, we should be willing to reach far to understand God’s will”¦and take in his spiritual food!

First Day of Spring Craft: Hoppin Froggies


– First Day of Spring Frog Arms and Legs Template, one copy for each child, on sturdy paper or cardstock
– White dessert paper plates with ridges
– White printer paper
– Green crayons and markers
– Scissors
– Stick glue


1. Color the limbs, eyes, and tongues of the froggie in different shades of green, and then color the paper plate, inside and out.

2. Cut out all the pieces of the frog.

3. Fold the plate in half.

4. Apply all the body parts to the plate using stick glue.


Did you know that frogs hibernate also? Aquatic frogs hibernate in the mud at the bottom of ponds, and land frogs hibernate in forests, near water. Once spring arrives and they wake up, they are hungry! How do frogs catch their food? With their long tongues.

It looks funny and makes us laugh when we see clips of them, doesn’t it?

But it’s a little like us once we ask Jesus into our hearts. At that “awakening,” we are spiritually hungry. And yet it isn’t always easy to “hear” God or to understand what he wants us to do. We have to be able to “reach” when we awaken spiritually – very much like the hungry frogs when they wake up.

When we’re tempted to give up on talking to God or to skip it for a day, let’s remember the reach of the frogs and try a little harder to reach for understanding God’s will for us!


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