These ideas for preparing a high school Sunday school lesson on the Parable of the Sower can generate a lively class discussion. Your 12-14 year olds learn quickly from this parable and can apply the lesson to many current life situations they may be facing.

Sunday School Lesson: Parable of the SowerHigh School Sunday School Lesson

Bible Reading:
Today’s bible reading is the Parable of the Sower:

Matthew 13: 1-9
Either read this to the class or ask for volunteers and divide the passage out between them to read aloud to the rest of the class.

Sunday School Lesson Discussion 1: 
What type of story is this (parable).  What is the parable really about?  Is it really about a farmer?  Or is that just the tool used to make the real message easier to understand?

Sunday School Lesson Activity 1:
Give each student a piece of paper and something to write with.  Ask them to write a list of what’s important to them – in order of priority.
Without embarrassing any of the students, find out how many of them included God on that list and what was on the list ahead of him.

Sunday School Lesson Discussion 2:
Think of the three types of soil that the seed falls into:  Rocky, Thorny, Good.
If a seed falls into rocky ground it has no roots – what happens to your faith if it has no roots?  Are we easily led away from God because we are not rooted?
If a seed falls onto thorny ground it is choked by the things around it – is your faith choked by the other things in your life?  Do you give more priority to your friends, fashion, movie stars than you do God?
If a seed falls onto good ground, it thrives it grows, it increases – is your faith strong enough to bring others to God because they want to be more like you?

Sunday School Lesson Activity 2:
Think of a social issue that they face in their every day lives – either choose one issue for the entire class, or allow them to choose their own.

Ask each student to write a modern day parable that speaks either for (or against) this issue so that other people may understand why they should (or shouldn’t) do it.


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