One of the most challenging type of fundraising can also be the one that can be the most rewarding – both for you as a leader and a child with some determination, initiative and family support. Kids have started many charities which have come to be highly regarded services for the community and even the nation.  Check out the service project below for inspiration.

“Ryan’s Well” Service Project

Ryan Hreljac, 6

Ryan first heard about children without clean drinking water for a school teacher when he was six years old. He begged his parents for a $70 donation to build a well in Africa, and his parents told him he could earn it through chores. He earned that, but the news got worse as the price kept going up.

When he realized he would need $2,500 to complete the project, he kept doing chores. But this time, friends and neighbors heard, and word spread.  Ryan’s Well, the official charity just celebrated its 10th anniversary, having helped bring fresh water to more than 700,000 people.

Ryan has a wonderful resource page on his web site for kids wanting to start their own charities. The link is

More information about these and other great philanthropic kids can be found on


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