guess who mom edition mothers day game

This Mother’s Day game will remind kids to appreciate and honor their mothers. It’s a game of memory and speed that sends home the message that mom-love is a gift from God and a mere reflection of his love for us.


• Two Bowls
• Small Strips of Paper
• Pens or Pencils


Be the team to guess the most names correctly.


On Mother’s Day we designate all of our time and energy into thinking of our moms and making them feel appreciated. Our moms, grandmothers, and aunts do so much for us throughout the year. They help guide us and they care for us and most importantly, they love us no matter what. Because our moms are so consistent in our lives, it’s easy to take them for granted. Let’s play a game to see if we can find any special motherly qualities that relate to our own mothers.


1. If possible, split the class into two even teams.
2. Have each team sit on opposite sides of the room and have them write down the names of famous mothers on the strips of paper.
3. They must keep these names a secret!
4. The mothers can be real or fictional.
5. Once a name is written, they will fold the paper in half and stick it in the bowl.
6. When both teams have an appropriate number of names, gather them together.
7. Choose one child from one team to go first.
8. When you say “Go!” that child will pick a name out of the bowl and has to get their team to guess who it is.
9. To make it harder, only let the child use one word to describe the mother.
10. Once the mother is guessed, the next student on the other team will go.
11. Teams will alternate until two minutes are up or until one team guesses all of their mothers correctly.
12. The team who guesses all mothers correctly or who guesses the most mothers within the time limit wins.


Weren’t all of these mothers very different from each other? Some of them were easy to guess because they were so easily described, but others were so much harder.

Although each mom is very different, they are all very much the same in important ways: They love their families and are dedicated to serving them! Mom-love is a sign on planet earth of an even bigger love — and that’s God-love! Each time Mom comforts us, takes care of us, comforts us, let’s be reminded that her love is only the image of God’s love — and we can rely on him no matter how old we get or how many kids of our own we have.