women of the bible craft

There are great women of our Christian heritage to be heralded.   This beautiful Bible craft activity introduces children to 12 great women of the Bible, and can be used to teach children a little about the females in our Bible history.


• Cork bulletin board or large piece of poster board
• White Paper
• Pens
• Thumbtacks
• Construction paper
• Scissors
Great Women of the Bible – PDF of accompanying text descriptions


Many Internet sites provide paintings or drawings of great women of the Bible.

You can find some simply by surfing Google with “Great Women of the Bible” and then clicking on “images” on the task bar. As we really have no idea what these women looked like, you don’t even have to match up the correct renderings with the names (unless of course it’s a famous painting). Just print out images to go with the following 12 women: Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Jael, Ruth, Hannah, Esther, Mary Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdaline.

Here is one Internet site that has pictures, including some movie stars who played the parts of these great women. Feel free to use them as well or instead!



1. Cut around each woman so that the rendering is only her face and neck.

2. Cut a construction paper rectangle just a little bigger than each photo.

3. Using stick glue, mount the rendering on the construction paper, centered.

4. Using our “Great Women of the Bible” cut-out sheet, cut out the copy that goes with each woman.

5. While your children are creating, you can do some fun things with the cut outs.

Children can:

a. take turns reading them
b. take a vote on what’s their favorite Bible Women Story

6. Place each women’s cut out copy with her picture and glue them together.

7. Post on the cork board

Alternate design: Put all the photos on one side of the corkboard and all the copy on the other. Tack down out of order, but connect with lines of string.