gold medals olympics craft

gold medals olympics craftThe look of victory on Olympic athletes’ faces when they win medals is an image we can’t forget. For Christians, it has special meaning. It is the look we all will have on the day we join Jesus and he says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  This olympics craft will help kids feel like winning Olympians in the “race set before us.”

“Gold Medals” Olympics Craft for Kids


– 2″ flat round discs cut from poster board (this will be the medal)

– Gold spray paint

– Paintbrush (if not using spray paint)

– Craft gold paint (i not using spray paint)

– Cardboard or cardstock

– Glue

– 1/2″ or wider Grogan ribbon (if Grogan is not available any red, white or blue

ribbon can be used)

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Star template

– Newspaper (to protect table surfaces when painting)


Have you ever watched on TV as someone won an Olympic Gold Medal?  What are some of the things they do? Laugh, cry, jump up and down, look proud. As Christians, God has put us to a race to become strong, mature Christians and live for him. Let’s make our own Olympic Gold Metals to remind us to be strong in Christ”¦and to think of our lives as a race to a very rewarding finish.

Teacher preparation

Make star template to the size of the medal.


1. Use the template to draw stars on poster board or card stock.

2. Cut out the stars and lay them on piece of newspaper.

3. Paint or spray the stars gold.

4. When the stars are dry, glue them to the center of the medal.

5. Measure and cut the ribbon to fit around each student’s neck.

6. Glue the two ends of the ribbon to the back of the disc. Let them dry.


Let’s wear our medals proudly, remembering that when we arrive in Christ’s presence, our rewards will be far greater than the rewards won in the Olympics!


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