glass half full science experiment

glass half full science experiment

All of us are exposed to a ton of advertising that encourages us to want more and more “things” we don’t need in our lives, while neglecting to teach us to appreciate things like God’s love and the eternal life that awaits God’s children in heaven. We can learn to be grateful for all the blessings God has given us without giving into the temptation to want more and more treasures on earth.

With so many material things available to our children, it is sometimes difficult for them to appreciate all that they have; some days their blessings can feel like nothing!  This simple science experiment will give them a choice: When they look at a glass half-filled with water they can see a glass half full, or they can see a glass half empty.  Check out our guest post over at Christian Homeschool Moms!


“A Glass Half Full” Science Experiment


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