On the sixth day, God created man and animals. That must have been fun!  In this Genesis 1 Bible lesson, we take a little bit of a different approach, and talk about God’s creation and recognizing the beauty around us everyday as evidence of God’s creativity.

God’s Creation: A Genesis 1 Bible Lesson

Materials List:

– clay or play dough, enough for each child to have a fist-sized glob
– bunches of circles made by a hole punch onto blue and brown paper
– snippets of yarn, long and short in the colors of hair
– Doll from home
– pictures of beautiful animals and fish and landscapes from books or online


Today we’re going to talk about how God created the world and how much fun He had. On the sixth day, the Bible says that God created man and animals. That must have been fun!  But do you wonder how He did that?

God enjoys when we imitate him. So, today we’re going to create a boys and girls in our own likeness.

Give each child a glob of clay or play dough. Have them shape something that looks like themselves.

We need our little likenesses to have faces! And hair!

Pass out circles punched out of blue or brown paper. Have them press these on to make eyes, noses and mouths. Use the short snips of yarn for hair.

Did you know that some people don’t believe that God created the world? They think it got here by itself. They want proof of God. It gets challenging for some people to believe in a God they can’t touch, hear or see. How can we prove God created you and me?

Allow some answers.

I have an idea of my own. Let’s try an experiment while we’re finishing our likenesses.  I’ve brought a doll from home.

Bring out doll and show everyone.

This is Mitzi the Doll. If I were to ask God to breathe the breath of life into Mitzi and turn her into a real little girl and he did it, wouldn’t that prove that God could create little girls? (some skepticism, some belief, depending on ages; all answers are fine)

Hold up the doll and bow your head.

God, I want to see you breathe the breath of life and create a real little girl out of Mitzi.  That way, I will believe you create girls in your likeness. Amen.

Put Mitzi under a blanket and imply that maybe God will do this if they go back to work on their own likenesses and be patient.

How many of you have had a pet? After you got that pet, what was one of the first things you did for the pet? (Give it a name).

Let’s everyone give your likeness a name now. It can be your name, or it can be the name you always wanted that your mother didn’t give you, or it can be a silly name.

Let the Children think of silly names or cute names. Have them make a belt out of a piece of masking tape and write the name on the belt.

Now. How do we get this likeness to turn into a real person? (There’s no way to.)

Why can’t we turn this likeness into a real person? (We’re not God.)

But how do we know that God really made man and it wasn’t an accident? Were you there? Was anybody there? (No.)

I want proof that God can create a real little girl! God, did you change Mitzi yet? Pull the blanket off Mitzi and be horrified at the lack of change. Older children will think this is very zany and will make jokes, which is perfectly fine.

Let’s all pray really hard together. God, please change Mitzi into a real little girl so I’ll know that you can create little girls. I need proof!

Keep repeating this chant. Older Children will be very annoyed by this point.

Take the hands of the child on either side of you and study their hands.

Wait a minute! Why am I asking God to make Mitzi into a real little girl to prove that he makes girls?

Touch faces, hair, shoulders, your own face.

I’ve got the evidence right here. People who don’t believe God made the heavens, the earth, the animals and the people, don’t realize that the proof is right in front of them every day. They’re missing the point; they’re missing the proof.

The Bible says in Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.”

Hold up pictures of funny and/or beautiful animals, scenery, flowers.

Keep asking:

Could this be an accident? Or this? How about this?

Take hold of a child and stand him in front of the class. Ask him, Are you an accident? (No.) Did God make you? (Yes.) How come? (Some interesting answers should follow”¦ Answer: Because He felt creative. Because it was fun. Because He enjoyed it.)

The Bible says that the beauty around us everyday is our evidence of God’s creativity.

God loves us to be creative and imitate him. That’s why we made likenesses. He is very happy with your artwork, even though”¦

Take hold of a real child”¦

“¦nobody can create like He can create.


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