Octi the Octopus Fruits of the Spirit Bible Lesson

Octi the Octopus Fruits of the Spirit Bible Lesson How about a fun new way to talk to kids about the Fruits of the Spirit?

I call this craft/snack/Bible lesson hybrid “Octi the Octopus”.

Kids get to watch Octi grow his legs as they understand how the fruits of the spirit grow in our hearts.

For this Bible lesson, you’ll need small amounts of 9 different kinds of fruit (apples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas…you get the idea).

With the exception of the apple, cut up each fruit into bite size pieces.

Cut the apple in half and place it cut side down on a plate.

Use chocolate chips or raisins to give Octi’s face some eyes and a mouth.

Fruits of the Spirit Teaching Script

When you’re ready to begin this activity with the kids, ask:

“Does anyone know what type of a critter is on our plates?”

“It looks like an apple! But actually, that’s Octi the Octopus. He’s smiling! Why do you think that is?”

“It’s because Octi just accepted Jesus into his heart. Now Jesus is going to give him the fruits of the spirit! The fruits of the spirit are going to help him get around a little better.”

“First, let’s pretend these fruits are magical.” (point to your tray of cut up fruit). “They contain some of God’s special blessings that Octi really needs.”

“First, Octi needs JOY.” Take the green grapes and create one leg.

“Second, Octi, needs PEACE.” Take the red grapes and create one leg.

“Third, Octi needs PATIENCE.” Take the strawberries and create one leg.

“Fourth, Octi needs KINDNESS.” Take the blueberries and create one leg.

“Fifth, Octi needs GOODNESS.” Take the kiwi and create one leg.

“Sixth, Octi needs FAITHFULNESS.” Take the banana and create one leg.

“Seventh, Octi needs GENTLENESS.” Take the raspberries and create one leg.

“Eighth, Octi needs SELF-CONTROL.” Take the peaches and create one leg.

“Now, what do you think? Can you tell he’s an octopus?” Yes.

“Do you think he can get around now with all his beautiful fruit that Jesus gave to him?”

“The fruits of the spirit work like this in us.”

“They’re not really fruit. That’s just a word the Apostle Paul uses to get us thinking”.

“They’re really wonderful character traits that we can have, once Jesus is in our hearts.”

“If we call on Jesus to give us the fruits of the spirit, we’ll be able to get around in life a lot better!”

“We’ll be filled with good things instead of bad, and the love of Jesus will always be with us!”

“Speaking of LOVE“¦.that’s the ninth fruit of the spirit?”

“Octi only has eight legs.”

Where’s the love??

“It’s in his heart because the love of Jesus is the first thing we feel when we ask him to come in!”

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PPS: I recorded a brief video going over how I present this Bibile lesson with kids below (hope you enjoy):