Jesus was in the temple when his parents found him. What did the people study in temples? Scrolls!  This Bible snack provides us with some scrolls for us to enjoy.


Bible Snack: Fruit Roll-Up Scrolls

Bible Snack Ingredients:
– Fruit Roll-Ups, one for each child
– Strawberry cream cheese
– Strawberry or raspberry jam
– Gumdrops

Bible Snack Instructions:
Unroll Fruit Roll-up.
Spread with a thin layer of cream cheese.
Spread on top a thin layer of strawberry or raspberry jam.
Roll up again.
Hold together with one or two toothpicks, (the kind with the blunt end)
Cover the sharp end by sticking a gumdrop onto it.
Repeat for each Roll-up

Platter for serving
Knife for spreading
Tooth picks (the kind with the blunt end)
Paper towels for serving


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