These [tag]free Sunday school activities[/tag] work well with your older [tag]Sunday school[/tag] students.  I used it recently while studying the lessons of [tag]Jacob and Esau[/tag].

Sunday School Activities: “Paper Airplane Trips”


Sometimes life is not fair. It seems like somebody gets something better than we do, even if it’s a thing we wanted, and even if they seem not very well behaved. It’s sort of like paper airplanes”¦

Have arriving students make a paper airplane out of a sheet of notebook paper. Easy instructions are as follows if they don’t know how to do this. Have each student:

Lay the sheet in front of himself length-wise
Fold the two top corners down, so they meet in the middle; press.
Fold each folded portion toward the center once again, so the folds meet in the middle again; press.
Fold the edges of the paper backwards to make wings.

Have them fly their airplanes into a corner (not at each other!)

They’re all made the same way. But they come with various circumstances. Some of you are better at folding. Some of you have stronger arms to fly things. You don’t know, when you’re flying alone, “flying without God,” how close to your targets you’ll land, do you?


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