One of the most treasured lessons in Christianity is that God is involved in all facets of our lives and cares about what appear to be the smallest of things. God shows us things about Himself via a bottle cap, a piece of string, an extension cord, an egg. These Sunday school lessons show us how.

Sunday School Lessons Series: “Plugged Into God’s Word”


An extension cord illustrates the extra power we need from the Spirit, as we always come up short.


John 14:16, Romans 8:26


Small mirror, hair brush, hair dryer, hair spray.


Set up a little vanity for yourself on a Sunday School table that isn’t close to any outlet. Wet your hair a bit, though you don’t need to soak your head.


Today, I want to look really good. I have somewhere very important to go. God doesn’t want us to be vain, but He likes when we look nice. How do we know? Think of “¦a zebra. How can a zebra let us know about God’s desire for things to look nice?

Zebras are one of the most beautiful land animals God has made. Their stripes are just perfect. A zebra can be a manifestation of God’s artistry and appreciation of beauty.

Well, the place I have to go is church-related, so that makes it even more important. I want to look my nicest for God. But look at this! I accidentally got water in my hair, and if it’s going to shine and bounce, I need to dry it.

Hold out the end of the dryer chord to the nearest student. Would you plug this in for me, please?

The students will know that the chord does not reach to the nearest outlet.

I really want to look nice for my church meeting. Sometimes the things I want to do, I can’t do very easily. I need help from God.

Hold up the hair dryer. This hair dryer is a little like us. God gave us a great set of insides (knock on the dryer). We’re complete to do great things. We’re strong and powerful and meant to help out (turn the switch on). But sometimes”¦nothing happens. We can’t do the things we’re supposed to do.

What’s the answer in this case?

Hold up your extension cord. A student should recommend that you use it.

I want to do the things that God designed me to do. But I can’t do them on my own. I need His long reach.

Plug the dryer into the extension chord. This cord is very much like something God sent to us to help us when we’re in trouble. In John 14:16, Jesus says, “And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another
Helper, that He may abide with you forever.” Does anyone know who that helper is?

Some should come up with the Holy Spirit.

This plug is like the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes to us and “plugs us in” to God.

Plug the extension chord into the wall outlet that you couldn’t reach otherwise.

When we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, voila! Turn on the dryer. Begin drying your hair. Suddenly, we can do everything God designed us to do.

This dryer will dry my hair, so that I can look nice for my church meeting. That’s because it’s plugged in. The dryer could not have reached the outlet without the extension chord. (Keep drying.) As a Christian, I want to speak to people about Jesus and behave in ways that would make him happy. But sometimes, I get afraid to speak about Jesus. I’m afraid people will make fun of me or that I’ll say something stupid. And even though I want to behave like the perfect Christian, I’m always messing up. I’ll either hear myself repeat gossip, or I’ll get jealous of someone who has something that I’ve always wanted but don’t have. I do that instead of being happy for that person. I can’t make it by myself. My “spiritual cord” isn’t long enough to reach God’s power.

Stop drying and go sit at your vanity, and brush your hair.

When I asked the Holy Spirit to help me, he provides the extra piece that I need to be “plugged in to God.” Romans 8:26 says, “The Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us.”

I don’t really understand electricity. But I know it works. I don’t really understand how the Holy Spirit works, but I know that He does. When I ask daily to be filled and to let the Holy Spirit guide me, I find that I can function the way God wants me to.

Who wants to spray my hair for me? Don’t let them get it in your eyes!


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