forgive and forget bible game

In this Bible game involving coordination and patience, children learn that friendships are a give-and-take relationship and that forgiveness is a major part of all successful relationships!


• Four Towels
• Two Baseballs


Children will compete to see which team can successfully cross the finish line first as they toss a baseball back and forth.


Game is best played in a wide and open space.


Forgiveness is not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes we’re so hurt or mad, and it feels easier to hold a grudge. Forgiveness is a major part of the give and take of friendship. We forgive because we realize what is truly important in life. Let’s revisit this later, after we play a game!


1. If possible, separate the class into two even teams.

2. Give each team two towels and one baseball.

3. When you say “Go!” two children from each team will grab each of the towels.

4. Teammates must hold onto the corners of the towel and spread it out so that the towel is stretched.

5. Whenever they are spread out, the two pairs will stand next to each other, keeping the towels stretched.

6. One pair will place the baseball in the middle of the towel and they will bounce it over to their teammates who will catch it on their towel.

7. The two teams will continue tossing the baseballs back and forth between towels as they make their way to the opposite side of the field and back.

8. If the ball falls to the ground at any time, they must start over.

9. Once the children successfully make it back to their team, the next set will go and the cycle will continue until all students have participated.

10. The first team to have all children successfully complete the task wins.


Our game was a constant toss and catch, or “give and take.” Friendships are also a give and take. When we forgive someone, we are giving him or her our trust. We are being the bigger person, letting go of the past, and moving onto the future with our friend. Forgiveness helps keep our relationships healthy and it makes us feel better too. We are able to move forward and happily in all aspects of our life.