Sometimes following God’s will is like running an obstacle course. You don’t know where you’ll end up and when, but the idea is to complete God’s will and get to the other side. Play this Bible game with your students to reinforce your message of following God’s will.

“Obstacle Course” Bible Game

Have chairs set up on the rug in a haphazard manner.

Blindfold one child.

And sometimes God’s voice sounds unclear to us, like it might be in a whisper, or it might sound like many voices, and we might only be able to hear a few words clearly here and there.

Tell other children that they can only say four words to direct the blindfolded child through the maze:

Left, right, forward, backward. Younger children who don’t know left and right can be split on opposite sides of the course and can say “forward,” “backward,” and “toward me” or “away from me.”  Older children can call shout at once.

The blindfolded child must walk through the obstacle course, trying not to bump any chairs. Each bump gives the child one point. When he finishes the obstacle course, the next student can be blindfolded, and the chairs then rearranged.

The student with the least points at the end wins the game.


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