a_light_doesnt_change_strengths-bible object lesson

a_light_doesnt_change_strengths-bible object lesson

This Bible object lesson can help kids understand that while a glorious transfiguration will occur to us at death, in life we have to be like Jesus and the disciples; we have to keep going with some mundane, worldly tasks in mundane places. If we make it through, that transfiguration will happen for sure and forever!  Let’s remember that the light of God always burns just as bright and is always with us.  So let’s wait patiently for God to come and transfigure us into his wonderful, shiny kingdom of heaven. And when things get rough on earth, and we can have trouble detecting where God’s light is coming from, let’s remember that our day is coming. And in the meantime, let’s be enthusiastic with so much hope that we don’t complain!

You can check out this Bible object lesson over at Catholic Mom, where we are a guest contributor!

A Light Doesn’t Change Strengths – A Bible Object Lesson



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