fireworks bible craft

Here’s a fun bible craft where we can make for our military holidays and to thank those willing to lay down their lives. And it’s a chance to tell children that without Jesus, we are just blobs of paint, but once he gets hold of us — we lay down our lives for new life in him — we sparkle, pop, and make others happy!


• Four different bright colors of water-based craft paint
• One kitchen fork for each child (do not try to substitute plastic forks here; the kitchen forks will clean up easily and will not be prone to snapping and breaking)
• Construction paper
• Paper towels


Try to make a few firework bursts yourself, as you will give a message-like introduction while doing so.


Point to the four containers of paint. These paints are a little like the soldiers we remember on Memorial Day. They were pretty people who had nice, calm lives. But they loved their country and it became important to them to put their lives on the line for things our country stood for — like freedom of worship, freedom of speech, and freedom to assemble.

Use one color to create the start of a blast. So, they agreed to go to war to protect us. Some of them died in the line of duty.

Wipe the fork and create a second color in the blast. But the cause of right was able to move forward because of their sacrifice.

Wipe the fork and add a third color. When people agree to lay down their lives if needed, they become active —sparkly — and able to create happiness for those who follow after.

Wipe the fork and add the fourth color. It’s a lot like us Christians. Jesus said, “Anyone who wishes to follow me must deny himself and take up his cross daily.” When we want to be selfish, we are asked to be good. When we want to cheat, lie, or take something that doesn’t belong to us, we are asked to resist. Christians yield their lives to God every day to become that new creation in Christ.

And when we do? Hold out the fireworks blast.

We become sparkly and lively and able to make others happy. Let’s be thankful for our fallen troops for setting a great example for us, and in their honor, let’s become fireworks for Christ.

And now… let’s make some!


1. Dip the fork into the paint but hold it there long enough for the excess paint to drip off. You want to see between the prongs before using.

2. Place the fork to the paper with the curve in the fork facing down. Drag it along for a couple inches until the lines start to break up. Create three others going in perpendicular and opposite directions. These first lines will look a bit anemic if you have done it right.  Consider you will be doing it with three other colors.

3. Repeat with the other colors, going in different directions. Again, be sure not to put too much paint on the fork, or, with four colors, you will end up with a puddle in the center.

4. Make several of these blasts on your page.