i love you this much craft 2

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” ““ William Shakespeare

Most every kid really loves Dad. God gave us dads so that we have ways to know what God is like. In this super sweet Father’s Day Craft, children can create a homemade card and gift that shows dad just how much he is loved and cherished!


1. Draw 2 handprints ““ a right and a left hand – on any color construction paper and cut out around the handprint outline.

2. Write on the first hand, “I love you…”

3. Write on the second hand, “THIS MUCH.”

4. Cut out a strip of paper about 18 inches long and two inches wide. (It may be necessary to glue or staple several pieces to make it long enough.)

5. Fold the strip into accordion pleats.

6. Glue or staple one end of the accordion paper to the one hand, and the other end to the second hand


Genesis 1:27 says, “God created mankind in His image.” We can know a little about what God is like by watching dads when they are at their best. Then multiply that by nine thousand zillion million”¦and that’s how much God loves all of us! When Dad shows us his love, remember to think about God’s love. It’s like that, only bigger! Know that Jesus always has open arms to receive your prayers and love.


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