chromatography fall science experiment

chromatography fall science experiment

Check out this Fall science experiment that explains how leaves change colors before they fall to the ground. Even though the trees look so bare and forlorn in the winter, we know that in the spring more will literally spring to life and once again provide beauty and shade for us. We can see our own journeys with Christ through these observations.  In this Fall science experiment, you’ll see how God allowed chlorophyll, which makes leaves green, to be replaced by carotene and anthocyanin. In our lives, we see how God allows youth and vibrance to be replaced by maturity and wisdom. God is present in every phase of life, working to make us more perfect, so in our winter years, we’ll be more worthy to meet His son, Jesus.  Check out our guest post over at Hip Homeschool Moms!

Fall Science Experiment: Use Chromatography to Extract Color from Green Leaves


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