fall bible activities roundup

As fall draws near, it’s time to get ready for all of our favorite fall pastimes – crafts, games and the many important lessons that the change of seasons has to offer us.  Why not add a few of these Fall Bible activities to your fall fun!

 fall bible activities roundup

 childrens church activity leaf bouquests fall bible activities

Leaf Bouquets and Leaf Placemats

This fun fall activity using fake fall leaves shows how God’s use of color gives us clues to how He cares for us on planet Earth.

fall bible game

Fall Bible Game: Match “˜Em Up

This fall Bible game teaches children how the colors of autumn are symbols found in the Bible.  Children will race to match the scriptures with the color that best represents it.

vapor-to-rain science experiment

Science Experiment: Turn Vapor into Rain

Fall provides great opportunities and lessons that show how nothing stays the same.  In this science experiment, water changing to vapor (and back) helps us understand that we too will change someday.

good apple sunday school object lesson fall bible activities

Sunday School Object Lesson: Let’s Be That One Good Apple!

You’ve heard the expression, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.”  In this lesson, a pile of apple bites show how bad friendships can spread poison to everyone in the crowd – and how good friendships can spread sweetness to everyone around!

fall bible game hop and drop

Fall Bible Game: Apple Harvest “Hop & Drop”

Jesus often referred to the harvest as the time when you get to reap all the rewards for your hard work.  This Fall Bible game will teach students that they will reap their harvests – their rewards from God – if they persevere through hard times.

fall bible snack candied apples

Fall Bible Snack: Candied Apples to Show the Trinity

Most kids love candied apples. This lesson and fall snack teaches how a candied apple is a lot like God’s Word!

pumpkin-sink-or-float pumpkin science experiment fall bible activities

Pumpkin Sink-or-Float: A Pumpkin Science Experiment

Children are always amazed over what will sink and what will float.  The underlying message of this pumpkin science experiment is this”¦ Next time we pick a friend, rather than asking how much fun he is or what kind of a bike he has that we might ride”¦let’s ask: Will this person help me sink or swim with my faith?

chromatography fall science experiment

Fall Science Experiment: Use Chromatography to Extract Color from Green Leaves

Check out this Fall science experiment that explains how leaves change colors before they fall to the ground and shows how God is present in every phase of life, working to make us more perfect.


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