Ezekiel 1 describes the wheel Ezekiel saw in some very mysterious terms. Some think Ezekiel actually saw four wheels. Some think he only saw one, but it had wheels within its wheel. Sort of like this pie! Someday we’ll get to the know the truth about what Ezekiel saw, but for now, we just need to trust God — and love chocolate!  This is a great Bible snack idea!


Bible Snack: “Wheel of Time Chocolate Pie

– Graham Cracker Pie Crust
– Instant Chocolate Pudding
– Cool Whip
– Chocolate Chips
– Rainbow Sprinkles

Bible Snack Instructions:
Note: If you would rather, you can buy a chocolate pie in the supermarket and simply add chocolate chips and sprinkles to it.

– Whip up instant chocolate pudding mix and chill until it no longer moves in the dish.

– Spread evenly over the graham cracker pie crust. Top with cool whip.

– Create a “wheel” of chocolate chips by sprinkling them along the circumference of the pie.

– Create an “inner wheel” with the sprinkles, an inch or two in from the outer wheel.

– If you have more than 8 students, repeat to feed all. Chill until ready.

Bowl for making pudding
Spoon for stirring and spreading
Knife or pie cutter
Plates for serving


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