egg cup ships bible craft

 egg cup ships bible craft

Most kids know the story of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. But some  students may not realize that Christopher Columbus wasn’t looking to discover the new world ““ he was looking for a shorter route to India. Many people thought this idea was absurd. This fun Bible craft will introduce children to the concept of putting one’s faith into one’s own ideas and beliefs.

Egg Cup Ships ““ A Bible Craft About Believing In Your Ideas!


– 3 cardboard egg cups
– Brown acrylic craft paint
– Paintbrush
– ¼ cup modeling clay or play dough
– 6 toothpicks
– 1 sheet white paper
– Scissors
– White craft glue

ships bible craft 1


There have been many instances of travel across the oceans in sail boats. The Vikings did it, as did many brave people who have done it for hundreds of years. But today, sailboats are equipped with all kinds of electronic gadgets and provisions that were unheard of in Christopher Columbus’ Day. But all the equipment we can buy cannot replace the faith we place in Jesus to help us on our journeys through our own lives. If you look to Jesus for guidance he will always go before you – even if you can’t feel his presence.

Instructions :

1. Paint the egg cups inside and out with brown paint. Set them aside to dry.

ships bible craft 2


2. Cut the sails from the white paper. You will need six large sails (1.5″ x 1″) and  18 small sails (.5″ x .75″).

ships bible craft 3


3. Set aside three of the toothpicks for the large sails. Break or cut the other three toothpicks in half, giving you six halves.

4. Put a line of glue through the middle of one of the small sails. Place the cut or  broken end of one of the toothpick halves onto the glue line.

5. Roll it in the glue to cover both sides, then place another sail on top, sandwiching the two sails together. Flatten the sails together with your fingers and set them aside to dry.

6. Repeat step number 5 with each toothpick half and two small sails (each).

7. Following the guide in step number 5, make the larger sails. For each large sail you will need a toothpick, 2 small sails and 2 large sails. Glue the small sail to the end of the full toothpick, and then glue the larger sail beneath it, leaving a small gap between the top and bottom sail. Set aside to dry.

ships bible craft 4

8. Roll a small amount of clay in your palm, enough to line the bottom of the egg cup. Place in the egg cup and flatten to cover bottom.

ships bible craft 5


9. Insert open end of large sail into the middle of the clay. Insert two small sails, one on either side of the large sail, into the clay.

egg cup ships bible craft - no title



Let these small sailing ships remind you that through faith in our lord all things are possible. Most of our spiritual journeys are toward greater truth, not toward a destination. In John 16:13, Jesus sums it up this way: “When the Holy Spirit comes, he will guide you into all Truth.” Let’s believe and rejoice!


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