easter week wreath easter craft

This wreath Easter craft will keep fingers busy and help kids learn all the events of Easter Week by gluing the pieces down in order.  The kids might need some help putting the events in order, but everything else is all fun and learning!


Easter Week Craft Add-on
• Printer (color)
• Scissors
• Glue sticks
• Card stock


Print out one copy of the Add-On for each child on card stock.


1. Cut out all the pieces for the wreath, including images, palm branches, and signs. Leave some extra white on the side of each palm branch stem so they don’t tear.

2. This wreath has a busy look. Some of the pieces will overlap when you glue them down, but place them in position first, using the order below, going clockwise under the Easter Week signage:

a. Donkey, Palm Sunday Sign (at one o’clock)
b. Holy Grail, Last Supper Sign (at three o’clock)
c. Garden flowers, Arrest Sign (at four o’clock)
d. Jesus (at six o’clock)
e. Judges’ gavel, Trial Sign (at eight o’clock)
f. Cross, Crucifixion Sign (at nine o’clock)
g. Cave with Rock Removed, Resurrection Sign (at 11 o’clock)

3. Glue the leaves down where you wish for effect, brushing or curling them upwards slightly


As they are working, go over each of the six major events of Easter Week and ask what each means. If they don’t know, tell them!