easter carrots and song

You’ll have plenty to do on Easter morning, and your kids will have had enough sugar! Here’s an Easter snack that’s low in sugar and is not time-consuming — so long as you have icing bags and dark green ribbon.  Pair it with this lovely song about Easter and Jesus’ return, and you will create memories your children won’t forget.


• Pepperidge Farm fish crackers (orange)
• Baker’s icing bag (available at most craft stores)
• Green curling ribbon
• Scissors


  1. Fill the icing bag with the orange crackers. Leave two inches at the top.
  2. Tie off the top of the bag, with about four strips of curling ribbon, about a foot long each.
  3. Use the sharp edge of the scissors to curl the ribbon.


Easter Song

When They Crucified the Savior

Tune: Jesus Loves the Little Children

1. When they cru-ci-fied the Sav-ior,
And they nailed him to the cross,
Ev-ery Chris-tian bowed his head,
For they thought that he was dead
And they wept be-cause they could not bear the loss.

2. Grief bore down and hearts grew hea-vy,
They thought the Christ they knew was gone.
When they laid him in the tomb,
All their hearts were filed with gloom,
And they did not know how they could car-ry on.

3. When the wom-en suf-fered heart–ache,
An an-gel came to them to say,
Dry your eyes and raise you head,
For Christ Je-sus is not dead.
Go and cel-e-brate this ho-ly Eas-ter day.