easter activities your kids will love

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Check out this round up of awesome Easter activities that your kids are sure to love!  From crafts and snack to science experiments and games, these Easter activities will help reinforce the reason that we celebrate the Easter holiday!

 Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love!

chalkboard easter egg decoration idea

“He Is Risen” & a Chalkboard Easter Egg Craft

In this beautiful Easter egg craft, we are going to create chalkboard easter eggs where we can write messages or draw pictures that show what Easter means to us. With just some hard boiled eggs, tape and chalkboard paint, you’ll have a fun new tradition and create valuable memories with your children.


cross canvas painting sunday school craft

Cross Canvas Painting (Sunday School Craft)

The cross of Christ is the ultimate symbol of hope. Helping children make a cross with their own hands could make its symbolism more meaningful to them. In this precious sunday school craft, we create a cross painting on canvas, using tape and tempura paint or watercolors.


soda bottle baskets easter craft

Soda-Bottle Baskets Easter Craft & Object Lesson

This easy Easter craft, using the bottoms of soda bottles, and the object lesson that goes with it, will allow your kids to take home a marvelous memory of having walked with the Holy Spirit in your Easter class!


The Jesus Glass Bible Object Lesson

Easter Bible Object Lesson: The Jesus Glass

Even grownups don’t often “get it” about what Easter means. Terms like “sacrifice for sin” and “blood of Christ” can sound intimidating, old fashioned and even not appropriate for children. There are ways to sidestep scary terminology without forfeiting understanding. This Bible object lesson using the Jesus Glass to take away our sin ought to make things more clear.

easter science experiment resurrection lightning

Easter Science Experiment: Making Resurrection Lightning

When we see lightning we can imagine what the women saw when they went to Jesus’ tomb!  In honor of Christ and these women, let’s have your students make some lightning and reflect on God’s principles in this Easter science experiment!


Demonstrating the Strength of Eggs: A Bible Science Experiment

A fun (and easy) Easter Science experiment to show the magnificence of His creations!  When we accept Jesus into our hearts, our spirits are like eggs.   They are strong, but they are new. Jesus wants us to grow out of our shells and into His arms, where our souls can grow big and strong!

easter lily easter craft

“Easter Lily” Easter Craft for Kids

In this wonderful Easter craft, we will create lilies which students can take home to remind them that the Easter lily serves as a beautiful reminder that Easter is a time for new life – in us as well as in nature.


paperweight craft

“Angel Who Rolled the Stone Away” Paperweight Easter Craft

If you are looking for an adorable Easter craft that will help children keep in their hearts the image of the angel who met the people at the tomb to give them the good news, you don’t want to miss this one”¦


jelly bean poem easter craft

The Jelly Bean Poem: A Craft on the Messages of Easter

Share Easter in a fun and creative way, and incorporate God’s love of art along with it, in this beautiful Easter craft!  Finish off with a jelly bean snack ““and your children will remember cool things about Jesus – from rhymes and color to yummy taste!



“Sweet Chicks” Easter Snack

Chicks represent new life.  Since we all receive new life in Christ, this is a good tie-in with Easter. It is a bit messy! But you can make these cute chicks yourself as a special treat to serve on Easter, or use it on Palm Sunday to help children look forward to Easter.


easter nest with chocolate eggs easter snack

Easter Nest with Chocolate Eggs (Easter Snack)

This snack of a small Easter basket and three eggs is super sweet and yummy, and it also allows you to discuss with children how the eggs tie in with the Christian tradition as a symbol of new life!


He Fills Me Up Fruit Punch Bible Snack

Easter Bible Snack: “He Fills Me Up” Fruit Punch

If you use the Bible object lesson The Jesus Glass on Easter, you will have just used glasses and liquid to show how Jesus carries away our wrongdoings. It’s a great reinforcement to drink from Jesus glasses, which this Bible snack beverage calls for, and it will also introduce the Fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5.

easter game taking chances

Easter Game: Taking Chances & Doing God’s Work

In this fast and fun Easter game, your students will learn about how Jesus gave his life for us, and they will begin to understand how we can continue his work. Do not fear the M&Ms required on this already-high-sugar day. Kids will not be able to earn more than a few!

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