dough hand prints bible craft

If you are looking for a classic Bible craft, try this with your kids!   It can be used to impress children with the message that God will be with them, not matter where they are, no matter how big they get.   Alternately, any message dealing with God’s creation of man or God loving children and watching them grow will work very well with this craft.


-Aluminum pie tins, one for each child.
-Homemade play dough (see recipe at beginning of the text), enough for each child to fill a pie tin
-Craft paint
-Crayons, sharpened (or pencils for writing a message in the play dough)

Before Class:

– Make homemade play dough, using this recipe (may have to double for class size):

o 2 cups flour
o 2 cups warm water
o 4 teaspoons cream of tartar
o 2 teaspoons oil
o 1/2 cup salt

– Mix all ingredients, adding the food coloring last.

– Stir over medium heat until smooth.

– Remove from pan and knead until blended smooth.

– Keep play dough in a plastic bag or airtight container to stay moist until it’s time to use.


Give each child a pie tin and enough play dough to fill it.

Have each child:

1. Fill the pie tin and flatten the play dough until it is evenly distributed.

2. Take a crayon or pencil and write to leave an impression in the play dough:  “God Made Me”  across the top.

3. Across the bottom, write his name and his age.

4. Press his hand down in the middle leaving an even print.

5. Paint the play dough with the colors of his choosing

6. Use paint sparingly so it won’t clog writing.