This Bible game of trying to get the answer “no” from classmates will help children understand that although every one of us is different, we are all the same in God’s eyes. Children will have fun confusing their friends and tricking them into correctly responding to their questions!


• One clothespin per child


Be the child to catch the most classmates using contractions, and thereby collect the most clothespins.


The Christian concept of “unity within diversity” means that while we are different on the inside and outside, we should be bound in love with each other.

We’ll revisit this later, after we play a game.


1. Give children a clothespin and have them attach it to their shirt.

2. When you say “Go!” children will pair off with each other or your assistant, and they will pose and answer questions as a pair. One player should ask a question to his partner and the partner should answer. Then the answering partner will ask a question and the other partner will answer. Then, children will find a new partner and begin again.

3. Players may ask any question they want, but the purpose will be to get a contraction to come of their partners’ mouths.

4. Contractions include shortened words with apostrophes in them, such as don’t, can’t, won’t, haven’t, I’ve, I’d, they’re, she’ll, etc.

5. Children may ask any question and must answer any question posed to them. They may not opt for silence. They must answer in complete sentences — no fragments or one- or two-word answers.

6. Note to children this helpful playing hint: If you ask a question that requires the answerer to tell a story, you have the best chance of catching him in a contraction. Questions like, What was the scariest/funniest/most embarrassing/memorable/happy thing that ever happened to you are great yielders of accidental contractions.

7. Each time a player hears his partner use a contraction, he gets one of that player’s clothespins.

8. After every child has been with every other student, the child with the most clothespins wins.


In our Bible game we tried our best to outsmart our opponents. Each of us found our own techniques to collect more clothespins, and the game became one of us using our originality and our own best talents to get those clothespins. God made us all originals. But we all have to learn to use our originality and talents to work well together — in competition and under stress, just like we did in this game. Although we may be different, we all need to get along. Let’s all applaud the winner and then everyone – for being such a diplomatic opponent!


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