This Halloween game will help children learn about “darkness” and evil. It will help children realize that we shouldn’t get stuck in dark times; we must pull through. It will also reinforce that children should always follow the “good” path in life and try to always act in a way that God would be proud.


– Duct Tape or Painter’s Tape
– Old Newspaper(s)


The group will compete in teams to see who can get the most balls stuck to their spider web.


1. If possible, split the group into two equal teams.

2. Create a spider web out of tape across a doorway.

3. Depending on the age/height of the children, make the web about start just over halfway above the ground.

4. Make sure to leave the door OPEN!

5. Pick a team to go first and have then stand in a straight line about three-five feet in front of the doorway.

6. Place a pile of newspaper beside the first child in line.

7. When you say “Go!” the first child will pick up a piece of newspaper and crumble it into a ball; they may rip the newspaper if they find bigger pieces to be more challenging.

8. They will then throw the piece of crumbled up paper, aiming to get it to stick to the spider web.

9. After that child has thrown, they will go to the back of the line and the next child will step up.

10.Step nine repeats for thirty seconds.

11.Count how many newspaper balls have made it onto the spider web while you take them off.

12.The next team will then take their turn.

13.The team who had the most newspaper balls on the spider web wins.


In our game, our goal was to get the newspaper stuck to our spider web. Did you notice how sticky the web could be? A lot of our newspaper balls got glued onto it!

The spider web is a little like real life. Sometimes we go through a rough patch. We can fall into temptation. However, we don’t want to get “stuck” in our sins or in our dark times.

On Halloween, a symbol of dark times, let’s remember not to be like balled up pieces of newspaper that stick to a spider’s web. Instead of getting stuck in our dark times, let’s call on Jesus for comfort, strength and direction”¦back into the light.



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