paperweight fathers day craft

Jesus has been called “the rock of our salvation.” Most kids can know Christ in this way if they understand that “Dad rocks!”   This Father’s Day Craft will introduce children to the idea that fathers are not only bread winners; they are the image of God to their children. Or to put it in more contemporary terms, dads “rock!”

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  • Smooth Rocks. If you cannot find a rock, make one out of play dough.
  • Brown craft paint to color a rock made of play dough and additional paint in color of your choice to paint designs on the rock.
  • Black marker


Some kids just don’t “get it” that dads worry! They worry about finances, their jobs, world affairs, their families’ safety and their ability to provide a home for their family. When something is broken, Dad is there to fix it, even if fixing it means calling a repair man. But he’s also there to “fix” a broken heart, a skinned knee, and a quarrel among siblings. They silently show the power of love through good times and through bad times. A smile from Dad and a “good job” comment can do more for his children than all the words in the encyclopedia.

Those of us with loving fathers know that there is no greater love than a dad who is there for us no matter what. A father who loves his family shows us how the Lord loves us. So let’s show dads how they ‘rock our world’ with this gift for him…


  • Wash and dry the rock. If you are using play dough be sure to make it heavy enough and large enough to look like a rock.
  • Use craft paint to color the play dough brown and then draw designs of your choosing on it.
  • Use a black marker to write “My Dad Rocks” on the rock.