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If you are looking for a new craft idea for mom this Mothers Day, check out these Cupcake Liner Flowers! You can make them in any of the many cupcake liner designs you can find in so many stores today — and they are often an inexpensive supply!


– Colored cupcake liners. Most printed and colored liners are found in craft stores, but check your local grocer who may carry them as well.
– Card stock for stem and leaf
– Pipe cleaner
– Glue or paste (a hot glue gun works the best and quickest)
– Embellishment of your choice for middle of flower



Let’s make a bouquet of beautiful Cupcake Liner Flowers for Mom, and let’s think of each flower as something nice she does or gives to us. And let’s always remember to be just as kind to her as often as we can!


1. Fold each cupcake liner in half, and then fold in half again. Repeat to create 8 flower petals.

2. Glue each flower petal onto a small circle of cardstock.



3. Add an embellishment to the middle of the flower petals.


4. Cut one long strip of cardstock for the stem and glue onto the pipe cleaner to help the stem to hold the flower up.

5. Cut a leaf from the cardstock and glue to the stem

6. Glue the stem to the back of the cardstock circle on the flower petal.


7. Create a card that says “Mom’s heart is like pretty flowers. She gives me her blooms.”

8. Present your finished flower and card to Mom!


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