snowman bible lesson

As most families have cotton balls and stick glue around the house, creating a snowman can lead Mom and Dad to have a great talk with kids about how snowmen melt, but God is always there in this wonderful Bible lesson.


• Cotton balls
• Pieces of paper
• Dark marker and an orange marker (or crayon)
• Stick glue


1. Draw a snowman’s face on the paper: Draw two black charcoal eyes, a carrot nose, and a charcoal smile.

2. Add the cotton balls, surrounding the face and completely filling in a bottom, bigger circle.

3. Draw two stick arms.

4. On a separate piece of paper, draw the hat and color it black.

5. Glue the hat on the snowman’s head.

Parental Message:

Snowmen are fun to make. When we make a snowman outside, it’s with that great feeling of having created something that we can have fun with and admire. For a while…

What is the sad thing about snowmen? They melt away.

Our creations on planet earth are only here for a little while. Everything on earth eventually goes back to the earth, whether it’s a snowman or the body of a human being or even buried treasure.

God makes our souls permanent, just like he is permanent. Our bodies may melt away like a snowman’s, but our souls can live for eternity, thanks to God’s love.

Let’s thank God that not everything is temporary. This snowman may be and our lives on planet earth may be. But heaven is eternal, and we will be together forever, thanks to Jesus.

People have an uncanny ability to feel things. There has been some research into why, and most point toward our senses picking up on even the slightest sound or vibration. More research has to be done on why there seems to be so much success when people go with their gut instincts.



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