The story of Fishers of Men is one of the Christian Sunday school lessons that has a big impact with the 12-14 year olds.  Use these discussions to start your teens thinking how they can lead others to follow Jesus just like the fishermen in the story.

Sunday School Lessons: “Fishers of Men”Christian Sunday School Lessons

Bible Reading:
Appoint several readers and have each read a verse until they have completed the reading of Mark 1: 16-20.

Talk to the students about how they think that the fishermen felt when Jesus wanted them to drop what they were doing to follow Him. Emphasize to them that fishing was their career and that they left their career to follow Jesus. Ask them what they think might have gone through the fishermens’ minds when they decided to leave their current lives to go with Jesus.

Have the students write a letter to their family as if they are one of the fishermen who are going to follow Jesus.  In the letter have them tell their family who they are going to follow and why.

Talk to the students about how we need to follow Jesus, but we need to live so we can lead others to Jesus. Ask them how they can lead their friends to Jesus.


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