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Christian skits are one of my all time favorite teaching tools. I’ve got a hilarious original Bible skit called “Solomon Gets the Gold” to share with you today:

I’m a huge fan of skits because they are SO FLEXIBLE. I’ve used the Solomon Gets the Gold skit with kids ranging in age from 5-18!

I’ve got 3 rules when selecting Christian skits to use in class:

  1. It has to be short, yet message driven.
  2. I don’t have time for hours of prep or rehearsal.
  3. The Script has to be written for TODAY’S children.

This skit meets all 3 of my requirements”¦ read below to check out a preview! Or, you can download the download the entire 10-page skit here in PDF format here. It’s free for you to use!

Solomon Gets The Gold Christian Skit

christian skitsCharacters:

  • Narrator
  • Solomon
  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Laziness
  • Wisdom
  • 1st woman
  • 2nd woman


Solomon, very nervous about becoming king, approaches God.  God asks what he wants, and instead of asking for riches and great things for himself, he very humbly asks for wisdom.  God delivers, and gives him great riches as well, showing us that if we go after the right things in life, the material blessings will follow.


  • Headbands reading Pride, Greed, Laziness, and Wisdom.
  • Baby doll

Scripture Reading:


Solomon was David’s son.  And like David, he had a lot of older brothers.  The oldest son should become the next king–technically.  But David didn’t understand technology”¦something like that.  Solomon got really nervous before his time came to be king.  Especially in the middle of the night.

Solomon:  (pacing back and forth)
My big brothers are going to laugh at every mistake I make!  Maybe I shouldn’t have wanted to be king so badly”¦  What if I mess up?  What if one of the Philistine nations invades us?  A lot of people could get hurt if I do something stupid”¦

Solomon liked to think a lot.  At this point, he was being a worry wart.  His brains could get a little ahead of his faith sometimes.  But generally, he had the right idea.

God help me!  (drops to his knees)  I really don’t want to mess this up, God.  I don’t, I don’t.

God was always there”¦and sometimes He was rolling His eyes.  Solomon!  Ask God for anything.  I mean any-thing.  He really wants to show you He’s with you right now.

I can feel it.  Totally.  What do I ask for?

But sometimes Solomon would have other visitors, too, in the middle of the night.  We’ve all had night monsters, right?  The guys in the closet?  Solomon’s spooky closet was, well, pretty unique.

Being comes out of the closet with a headband on reading “GREED.”

Ask for riches, fool!  You can have enough gold for, like, five hundred kingdoms.  You can have chariots and palaces and velvet robes and silver rings and gold crowns all stuck with jewels”¦

That would be pretty awesome.

Being comes out of the closet with a headband reading “PRIDE”

You can look sick, my man!  Everyone will wish they were you!  Ask for great looks and all the trappings”¦ anything that will make people fall at your feet”¦ anything that will make the girls swoon.  If you play this one out right, you could have a thousand girlfriends.

I could be the greatest thing since sliced bread”¦

Being comes out of the closet with a headband reading “LAZINESS”

You can lie around all day, like, eating grapes and stuff dipped in chocolate.  You can go swimming in your own pool and kick back in your hot tub.  You can go to the beach and learn how to play crazy sports and go to bed late and sleep in.

You’re Solomon!  You can eat all you want and never get fat.  You’ll still be beautiful when you’re ninety because you’re you.  So listen to the Lazy Man.  Eat.  Drink.  Party hearty”¦

You can have it all!  You can raise people’s taxes; who really cares?  What’s one more gold coin a year from every family, but on your end, it makes millions?  You can hoard it all”¦

And then when another king wants to invade?  Instead of going out to fight him”¦you can just buy him off!

Fortunately, God was always there, too.  Solomon!  Don’t listen to them.  Listen to the God who was big enough to skip over your brothers and give the throne to you!  God wants you to have a lot of the stuff they’re talking about.  He doesn’t want you to be overworked.  He wants you to have some leisure time, a lot of wealth, and peace.  He wants you to balance out!

Funny”¦they haven’t hit yet on the thing I really want”¦ (gets up, starts pacing again)

Which is?

I don’t know!  I can’t think!  It’s the middle of the night!  (paces once more, then  snaps his fingers)  Wisdom!

Greed, Pride, Laziness:
Wis-dom??  (They all laugh hysterically)

What kind of an idiot are you?  You can’t flash wisdom!

Wisdom”¦that’s like asking for air or”¦ a blade of grass, dumb wad!  You can’t hold it, stroke it”¦

You can’t wear it.  It won’t turn heads.  Most people won’t even know you have it!

You’re asking for a lot of work, my man.  You’re asking to sit on a throne all day, solving people’s stupid problems when you could be working on your tan.

Stop!  I really don’t care about all that other stuff.

Now we’re talking.

My dad was king.  My mom is queen.  I’ve had enough people worship me, and so what?  I mean, they don’t even know me.  I’ve had all that silver.  It tarnishes.  I’ve had my own swimming pool.  It’s fun, but after a while I want to think about stuff”¦solve stuff”¦do something important!

The Christian skit continues with God delivering wisdom to Solomon, which in turn gives him great riches.  If you’d like to see the rest of “Solomon Gets The Gold”- you can download the entire 10-page skit here in PDF format here.

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