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If you’re looking for some fun ways to bring your Christian faith into the Halloween season, you have to check out these awesome lessons and activities for a Christian Halloween!


Christian Halloween Mom Challenge

Should we let our kids participate in Halloween?  This question has very personal answers. Halloween provides opportunities for our kids to grow in many ways.  It gives kids chances to imagine, and not necessarily in terrible ways!  It also gives kids a chance to open their hearts and do things for others.  Check out our Christian Halloween Mom Challenge, for 7 mini-challenges to help kids act like Christians on Halloween!


Halloween Sunday School Activity: Slime & Isaiah 64:8

Halloween can be a difficult time for Christians.  I believe that Halloween provides a wonderful teachable moment that can draw children closer to God.  What better opportunity to overcome evil than when people are busy celebrating darkness?  Check out this super fun activity “How To Make Halloween Slime” – and guess what?  It also doubles as a lesson that teaches kids about being the “Potter’s Clay”!

10 commandmenta halloween object lesson

“10 Commandments for Halloween” Object Lesson

If we’re going to participate in Halloween, we should celebrate the Great Light in the Darkness (Jesus) and not the darkness itself! The use of a flashlight to study the “Ten Commandments of Halloween” can help children understand this.

halloween projects

Helping Teach about Halloween & Ideas for Classroom Projects

Help children learn that being the light is far better than celebrating the dark. They should understand that wanting to scare others is a little like wanting to be a bully – the similarities are enough that we should think twice. And finally, they should not do what makes them afraid, as fear is contrary to God’s love. Check out these and other great tips for teaching children to celebrate a Christian Halloween.

fall bible snack candied apples

Candied Apples to Show the Trinity

Most kids love candied apples. This lesson and fall Bible snack will teach how a candied apple is a lot like God’s Word – the Word may sound bitter to those who don’t believe in Jesus, but the Holy Spirit sure makes it sweet to us!

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