If you’re looking for ideas for your children’s Sunday school lesson about the story of  Manna from Heaven, try these ideas.  I find that my 9-11 year olds like doing the activities while they are discussing the lesson; this reinforces the message of the Sunday school lesson that God fulfills our needs.

Sunday School Lesson: “Manna from Heaven”Childrens Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lesson Discussion:
Ask the students if they know what manna is. If they do not, explain what it is to them.

Cooking Activity:
Make your own manna.

Need: Tortillas

Give each child a tortilla. Let them put honey or butter, cinnamon and sugar on their tortilla. Tell them that their treat is like the manna that they are going to talk about in their story.

Bible Story:
Have the students read the story of the manna coming down from Heaven from Deuteronomy 8: 16.

Sunday School Lesson Discussion:
Ask the students who fills their needs, such as clothing, food, shelter, etc. Then explain how God ultimately fulfills their needs.

Art Activity:
Give each student a piece of paper. Have them draw pictures of their needs that are met.


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