If you are teaching childrens Sunday school, you know that many of the Sunday school lessons throughout the year deal with honoring one’s parents.  Use Sunday school crafts for any lesson honoring father or mother. This craft is especially good on Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s day.

Sunday School Crafts: Coupon Books for Mom and Dad

-Craft foam sheets, 8.5×11, varying colors
-White paper
-Hole punch
-Two paper fasteners per student
-Foam flowers or other designs for book cover

Before Class:
1.Create the coupon book cover and back:  Cut foam sheets into three strips width wise, so that you have enough sheets for students to have two strips each
2.Create Coupon blanks using either a computer for free hand as follows:

  • Divide the page into three strips as you did with the coupon book cover.
  • In each strip write, This Mother’s Day Coupon Entitles Mom to:  __________________________.
  • (The student will fill in the blank).  If you have a computer art program, you can find a “frame” that will fit around each of the three coupons per sheet.


Give the book jacket pieces and one sheet of coupon blanks to each student, along with two fasteners.  Have them:

1.Fill in their three coupon blanks with three different chores their moms would appreciate
2.Cut the coupon page into the three individual coupons
3.Place the coupons between the foam front and back covers of the coupon book
4.Hold out the book while you hole punch two holes in the narrow end
5.Send the paper fasteners through each hole and open them for a tight fit
6.Write “Coupons for Mom.  Luv, (name)” on the cover in marker
7.Decorate the front of the book with the flowers you have provided


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