Here are some children’s church lesson ideas for your 12-14 year old students.  Providing these activities for them along with the discussions reinforces the lesson that God is Our Shepherd.

Children’s Church Ideas: “God is Our Shepherd” Children's Church Lessons

Children’s Church Discussion:
Have the students turn to their shoulder partners and tell them everything they know about sheep and the shepherds that take care of them.

Bible Story:
Have the students read the following passages:
Psalms 42:2
John 10:27

Children’s Church Discussion:
Ask the students, according to the Bible, who the sheep are and who the shepherd is.

Children’s Church Activity:
Play the “Who’s Missing” game.

Have the students close their eyes. When you tap two students on the shoulder have them step out of the room and stand just outside the door or sit somewhere in the room where they cannot be seen. Then have the others open their eyes and see if they can figure out who is missing. Repeat a couple of times. Then, challenge the students by having only one student step out. Play this at least as many times as it takes for each student to get a turn to be the missing one. When the game is finished talk about how God notices when one of us are “missing” or not following Him just as they noticed who was missing from their class.

Children’s Church Activity:
Have the students do a comparison chart.

Materials needed:
Poster board

Have the students get into partners. Give each group a piece of poster board and have them write out similarities between God and a shepherd who takes care of sheep in the fields. Then have them write ways that we, God’s children, are like sheep. Let them decorate their posters then have them share them with the class. Hang the posters up in the classroom as a reminder to the students that God is our Shepherd and will take care of us.


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