lesson about alcohol

lesson about alcoholLast week, we talked about a childrens church lesson geared toward tweens that discusses drinking.

Today, we’re on to part two of that lesson (part one can be found here, by the way), which will focus on a discussion that’s sure to get your tween students talking.

Tween Lesson on Drinking Discussion

One reason kids are known to drink is that around the age of 12 they become very self conscious about everything they do.

Drinking “licenses” them to act weird; it gives them an excuse to do things they don’t have the nerve to do while sober. What is the fallacy in their reasoning?

The self”consciousness part. If they could learn to relax and be a little goofy whenever they feel like it, they would have much more fun; they’re replacing the stigma of being weird with the stigma of being a lush.

Have you ever heard boys say, “There’s nothing more disgusting than a drunk girl?” Why might some bad boys tend to be nice to drinking girls? Have you heard that “alcohol lowers inhibitions?” Would you want to be used sexually? What’s the right way to get somebody to like you?

LOOKUP: Galatians 5:22″23

What does the Bible say about drinking?

LOOKUP: Proverbs 20:1

LOOKUP: Proverbs 23:29″35

If you stay close to God throughout your teenage years, how does this help you not to get into trouble like underage drinking?

LOOKUP: Ephesians 5:18

If you end up at a party where there is drinking, why is it better to be there with a Christian friend?

LOOKUP: Proverbs 27:17

To help you maintain your spirituality in the face of so much peer pressure, why is it important to have Christian friends? How can you tell if someone is a Christian? How can they tell if you are one?

If you end up at a bad party and you feel pressured, who is the first person you should call? Why?

LOOKUP: Isaiah 30:21

Discussion Conclusion

We’re all God’s sheep, but that doesn’t mean we have to be stupid. Prepare yourselves for peer pressure.

Keep good friends, read God’s word, and listen for his voice. That combination more than anything will keep you out of the path of danger.

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