Keeping up attendance at Sunday school or childrens church is something all teachers struggle with.  A Bible game can be used in this situation.  Here is a great Bible game that is always a hit with my students.

Bible Game: “Find It First”

Start the Find it First Bible game by telling your student that whoever finds a hidden item first in the room wins a prize each week.  This encourages students to show up on time for school and even arrive early!Childrens Church Games

Make sure you hide the object well so that several students will have to look hard to find it.  When the student finds the object, they can either keep that object or trade it for points or tickets, whatever you decide is best for your class.  Prizes can include a poster, bookmark, Christian trading cards, or another small Christian token.  Try to make the object connect with the lesson that is being taught and use it during the class discussion.


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