Here are several ideas to use for a children’s Sunday school lesson about harvest, food, weather and God’s plan to have everything work together to provide for us.  My preschoolers enjoy these discussion topics, art activities and songs about God and nature.

Children’s Sunday School Topic: “Harvest Time”

Children Sunday School Lesson

This morning set up your room so that you have a loaf of bread, and some fruit/vegetables displayed on a desk where the children can see it as they enter.  If possible, display some seeds that match the fruit or vegetables so the children can see where they come from.

God in Action:  It’s harvest time.  What is a harvest?  Use picture books to ask the children to identify different kinds of fruits and vegetables.  Talk about wheat and how it grows in the field, and eventually becomes the bread that sits on the table beside you.

Now ask the children who likes rain.  Tell them that the rain is God helping to provide food.  The seeds (show the seeds) need water into which to grow into the produce on the table.  Explain that we should always remember to thank God when the rain comes instead of complaining because it stops us playing outside.

Children’s Sunday School Art Project  Provide paper and crayons so that the children can draw a picture of a plant – or seed – with the rain coming down.

Children’s Sunday School Activity:  Find pictures in magazines, on the Internet, or draw them yourself of basic, easily recognized fruit and vegetables.  There should be two images of each fruit and/or vegetable.  Using small index cards, place both images on opposite edges of the same side of the cards.  Cut the cards in half.  You now have a memory game.

Place the cards image side down on a table.  In turn ask the children to turn over two cards looking for two of the same type of fruit or vegetables (ie 2 apples, 2 pears, 2 cabbages).  The person with the most “pairs” when all cards have been removed is the winner.

Children’s Sunday School Song: (To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Raindrops falling in the night
Feeding seedlings out of sight
Beneath the ground they sit so small
Hardly even there at all
Thirsty seedlings lift their heads
Thanking God for being fed


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