caribou chocolate donuts bible snack

caribou chocolate donuts bible snack

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Since kids love to eat donuts in the morning, here’s a perfect Sunday morning Bible snack in keeping with the Holidays. Mini chocolate donuts and a few extras will taste great”¦and you can tell kids a little about the caribou (how God made it different than any other creature, and how we are different than any other creature also!)

Caribou Chocolate Donuts (A Cute & Yummy Reindeer Bible Snack!)


– Mini chocolate-covered donuts
– Pretzels
– Mini marshmallows
– Red M&Ms, strawberries, or Craisins.


1. Break pretzels for antlers and stick into donut sides.

2. Use marshmallows for eyes.  Cut a small piece of marshmallow and create a small hole in the donut for the marshmallow to sit in.

3. Use the M&Ms, strawberry pieces, or dried cranberries for the nose.


God made caribou, also known as reindeer, different from any other creature. Do you know how? The caribou is the only creature where both the females and the males have antlers!

God makes every type of creature unique. Mankind is also unique. Do you know how? We are the only creatures to be made in the image of God and to understand that we need Jesus!

Let’s be happy during the Holiday season that God made us a little like him and gave us Jesus in the manger.


You can check out how to make this yummy snack in more detail over at Love From The Oven.  She even shows you how to make the donuts from scratch with a Babycakes Donut maker!


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