butterfly feeder bible craft

The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly is one of the miracles that fascinate children. This Bible craft, which will draw butterflies to one’s backyard, offers a great opportunity to talk about the great metaphor of the caterpillar and the butterfly…and how they’re a little like us on earth and later, in heaven.

(Image Source: readingconfetti.com)


• A plastic plate or plastic lid from a large ice-cream container
• Overripe fruit such as bananas, kiwi and melon
• Orange juice
• String
• Tape or glue
• Artificial flowers
• Hole punch
• Sandwich baggie


Cut the overripe fruit into small pieces and place in sandwich baggies


One fun thing that happens in summer is that the butterflies come out.

Where do butterflies come from? From caterpillars. And why do we not see butterflies in early spring? The caterpillars are changing into butterflies and are in cocoons. Some butterflies are in cocoons for a couple of weeks.

Sometimes the process of changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly can take a year, depending on the breed or region.

Let’s create a butterfly feeder that will draw butterflies to your back yard.

Afterward, we’ll talk a little about what God is trying to show us through caterpillars and butterflies.


1. Use a hole puncher to punch holes in the plastic plate or lid. If you cannot punch holes in the lid, use tape to attach strings to it. Make the holes about two inches apart.

2. Tie strings to each hole. The length of the string depends on where you will hang the plate once it becomes a butterfly feeder. A tree branch that isn’t close to the house is advised as the food on the plate will attract insects as well as butterflies.

3. Artificial flowers will attract butterflies so glue them around the edges of the plate.

4. Put overripe fruit in a sandwich bag, which kids may take out and put in the feeder when they hang it in the yard.


Summer is a time we can compare to heaven. If earth is like winter, then summer is like heaven. In winter, everything dies and the land is cold and barren. Things are hard. There isn’t as much light. In heaven, everything stays alive, like things do in summer. The environment is warm. Things are easy. There is plenty of light in heaven.

Caterpillars are like we are in our lives on earth. They go to sleep and wake up in the summer, and they are much more beautiful, smart and powerful than they were when they fell asleep. They wake up as butterflies!

Someday we will get our spiritual bodies and be in heaven. We also will be more beautiful, smart and powerful. Watching butterflies can help us look forward to the day when we won’t be so sluggish and can fly free and never die!