bucket list new year craft

Bucket lists are a rage for both summer and winter, ones that might not be as intimidating to some kids as “lists of goals and dreams.” This New Year craft allows children to make wish lists about things they’d like to enjoy that could bring them closer to Christ.


• Construction paper in various colors
• Scissors
• Stick glue
• Pen and/or crayons
• Large, lined index cards
Bucket Template


To make the craft look nicer, cut out the components for your children on the construction paper before class begins. This will also give them a chance to focus more on their thoughts.


Who knows what a bucket list is? Let them answer.

Bucket lists are lists of wishes, generally things you would like to accomplish or have experiences with, at a certain time in your life. There are bucket lists of “what I’d like to do on vacation,” or “what I’d like to do with people in school.”

Let’s make a bucket list of things you would like to do with God this year. It can be things you’d like his help improving on, or it can be things you hope he leads you toward. Think hard! Then write or draw your bucket list.


1. Glue your bucket list to the construction-paper bucket.

2. If you are writing a bucket list, use the front of the card with the lines. If you are drawing things (younger students) use the back without the lines.

3. Glue the shovel onto the bucket.


Do you want to improve on a particular talent?
Do you want to improve a skill?
Do you want to improve a personality trait like greater patience or less laziness?
Would you like to be more assertive with certain bullies? Kinder with students you find very annoying?
Would you like to get along better with anyone in your family?
Would you like to gossip less, talk more, laugh more, love more? If so, with whom?



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