One of the most effective ways to teach Sunday school or Bible study to children is through the use of a Bible study game.

“The Bridge of Fear” is a Bible study game to use with your younger students when teaching the message of Isaiah. (Teacher words in bold.)

Bridge of Fear: Getting Across to the Other Side

Let’s pretend there are two bullies on a bridge. They don’t want to let you through. But your home is one the other side, and you have to cross.

Blindfold two children and have them link hands over their heads, sort of like a “London Bridge” pose. Make them stand with their feet as far apart as possible. Explain that these are the bullies on the bridge. The goal is for children to sneak up on them and pass through before they can lower their hands and catch them.

Let everyone try to get through them. Those who are caught go to the left. Those who get through go to the right.

Let’s pause and talk about this. Why do you think the bullies are blindfolded? What is that like in real life? People who bully are, at least temporarily, blinded to the strength and power of God that Isaiah talked about.

Do we try to fight bullies? Is that Godly? No. We try to get past them with as little upset as possible.

Does God want us to fear bullies? No – or only so far as we can prevent ourselves from getting hurt.

Who does God want us to fear? Him.

What kind of fear should we have of God? The kind that makes us afraid to pray to Him? No. The kind that knows He is strong enough to protect us.

Sometimes, we have no problem or only a small problem getting past a bully. Point to the children who made it through.

Other times, we have to call on the Lord. You, as teacher, go between the two students. Take both their hands and pull them to the side. Tell the other students who were caught to pass through the spot where they stood; it is safe now.

Everybody wins.


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