Some people call Jesus the Rock of Ages. These Bible study activities work well with your older Bible Study students or Sunday school students. They can use this when tempted by peers to do something they shouldn’t. (Teacher words in bold.)

Bible Study Activity: The Rock of Ages

If you don’t think you can carry around a rock, at least put this one I’m going to give out somewhere in your room where you can see it first thing every morning. It’s your “yes/no” rock, meaning when you feel it or see it in your mind, you’ll think to draw closer to your “Rock of Ages” and let him help you make the right choices of “yes” or “no” to what others suggest.

One archeologist from the Institute of Creation Scientists stayed on the straight and narrow in grade school, high school and college by keeping a rock in his pocket. It was just a small rock. But he later stated that carrying the rock all those years finally got him interested in archaeology. The point of the rock was that every time someone in class tempted him to do something he knew was wrong, he would reach in his pocket for the rock.

Give every kid a small rock or stone, maybe half the size of a kid’s fist. Have them lay it down, especially if it is roundish or square, to see which is the natural top and bottom.

Make markers, glitter and craft glue available. With one dark-colored marker, kids should draw circle about the size of a penny and write the word “Yes” on it. They should turn the rock over, draw another circle, and write the word “no” on it.

They should make a swirly design on the rock with the same marker pen, leaving room to color between the swirls. They should fill in their newly-formed sections with bright colored markers.

Finally, they can apply glitter to various colors or parts, or the words “yes” or “no.”

Before you go play with other kids, if you suspect they will ask you to do something questionable, turn your rock over so “No” is showing for that day. If you think it will be a fun day with no temptations to bother you, turn the rock so that “Yes” is showing for the day.


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