While teaching your Sunday school students the lesson of Moses Parting the Red Sea, you can demonstrate how God hears our prayers.  Using the Listening Game in your Bible studies for children will help them to fully understand this.

Incorporate a Game into your Bible Studies

If we’re going to trust God to take our problems and work with us to be free and happy, we first have to believe that he hears our prayers. Here is The Listening Game to help your students understand God hears our prayers.

Show everyone six items:

  • A quarter, spoon, ping pong ball, a small book, your car keys, and a plastic hanger.
  • Have everyone sit in a circle facing outward or sit with their heads down on a table.
  • Take turns dropping the items.
  • When it makes its noise, ask: Was it the quarter, spoon, ping pong ball, book, car keys or hanger?

Go through every item, showing them after each turn that they were correct, then have them put their heads down again.

All our voices are different, and all our “Red Sea Problems” were different. But just like we know the sounds of different things, God knows the sound of each of our voices. We can believe he hears us and wants to help us be free.


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