To continue your Bible studies for children, try using a Bible game to teach your younger Sunday school students.

After the Hebrews’ 40 years in the desert, they were finally ready to become a nation, to capture land of their own. We’ve spent the last few weeks looking at some of the Ten Commandments. God gave these to the Hebrew people while they were wandering around the desert.

The Hebrews went into the desert with Moses as former slaves who needed to learn many things in order to become strong. God gave these tasks to the Hebrew people while they were wandering around the desert. Joshua led the Hebrew army after Moses led them for 40 years through the desert.

Try this Bible game with your younger Sunday school students to illustrate to them how much the Hebrews had to learn before they could establish their own nation.

Bible Game: Growing Up Strong

Have children form two lines for a relay race at one end of the room.
Each child must cross the room twice before the next child can go.

Each must:

  • Crawl on all fours to the other end
  • Hop back one foot
  • Hop to the other end on two feet
  • Run to the finish and tag the next child.

If you don’t have enough children for a relay, simply time them, one compared to the next. When all have been timed, ask them how it felt to have to crawl in the beginning?Then they “˜grew,’ but were still a little clumsy. That was the hopping-on-one-foot part. Did they feel clumsy? Then, they got to hop on two feet. Did they feel a little more graceful?
And how about running for the finish line? Were you glad to be free and strong?

We can’t expect to do everything right, especially when we are little and just learning.  But Jesus helps us, and every day we get a little bigger, stronger, and more free! With Jesus in charge of our lives, we can look forward to someday being very big and strong Christians.


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