Use finger puppets or stick puppets to recreate a variety of Bible stories on a personalized stage!  Your students will enjoy making their own Bible story puppet theater and presenting their favorite stories from the Bible lessons.

Supplies Needed:
Cereal Box
Construction or Wrapping
BBQ Skewers
Bible Puppets
Markers or Crayons
Beads or Buttons

Each child will need a cereal box to create his or her Bible story puppet theater. Cut off the top of the box that had been opened to eat the cereal. Create a rectangle stage on the top half of one side of the box.  Measure it so that there is at least one to one and a half inches framing the sides and top of the stage. Cut the stage out of the cardboard.

Utilize the cut out rectangle from the cereal box to help measure a stage curtain approximately two inches large in each direction.

Glue the top edge of the curtain along the center of the BBQ skewer. Then it can be rolled up when a scene is taking place. Let dry.

Use construction or wrapping paper to cover the remainder of the box. Decorate, as desired.

Punch a small hole through each top narrow side of the stage, about one half inch from the top.

Push the two ends of the skewer through each hole. Then glue a small bead or button onto each end of the skewer so it is easier to grab hold of. Add bows, if desired. If there is
any remaining point sticking out afterward, adults should try to gently break and file off so children cannot get hurt.

Create a simple outdoor scene on plain paper and glue to the back side of the stage. Use finger puppets or stick puppets to inject some fun into your Bible lessons recreate a variety of stories on stage!

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