flag cookies from grhaam crackers

In this Bible snack and activity lesson, students will paint an American flag on a graham cracker using red and blue icing and candy stars.

While working on their creations, we’re providing a lesson in how God protects us – sometimes through divine powers, and sometimes through men and women who are brave. Teacher’s words are in bold!



– One graham cracker for each child

– Red, white and blue icing

– White stars for cake decorating, found in the baking aisle at the supermarket with the sprinkles and hearts. (If you can’t find any, use instead several small tubes of white icing for fine ink writing.)

– Plastic knives



Have paper towels and a basin of water handy since the children will get icing on their fingers.



1. Using the knife, ice the upper left-hand corner of the graham cracker, making a blue rectangle and instruct the children to do the same.

2. Make red and white stripes over the rest of the graham cracker and instruct the children to do the same.

3. Reverse the cracker so the blue rectangle is at the bottom to make the stars. This way the children will not rest their hand on the red and white stripes.

4. Place (or draw with icing) stars in rows within the blue rectangle. Six should be plenty.



God has all different ways of protecting us.

Sometimes God protects people with angels. Many people claim to have seen an angel just before falling asleep behind the wheel of a car, and the angel startled them awake. Others claim to have been awakened by angels when their houses were on fire.

Sometimes God protects people with his own voice. Some people claim to have heard “stop!” before making a bad choice of breaking the law.  Others have heard their names called in their sleep, and when they woke up, they found a family member choking or suffering an asthma attack. Problem: It wasn’t the voice of that family member they heard”¦they often claim to have never heard the voice before!

The most common way that God protects us is through each other. Moms and Dads protect babies from catching cold or falling. Siblings protect each other in school if there’s a bully. And troops protect us if other countries want to hurt us or steal our things or threaten our freedoms.

Many of the first settlers in this country fled other nations and sailed across the ocean to live in America. Do any of you know why?

Allow the children to give their answers, then explain:

Back then Christianity was not accepted in some countries, and people were persecuted and even killed if they worship God. So they fled their country and came here where they were free to worship God as they pleased.

Through the years, other countries have attacked us and tried to take away the freedoms that we cherish so much.

On Memorial Day we honor all the men and women who have defended us against enemies.

Let’s eat our cookies, remembering to be thankful to God for his protection”¦and let’s thank Him for our troops – especially those who are now with Him in heaven!



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