bible snack back to school cupcakes

bible snack back to school cupcakes

Bible Snack: Back-to-School Cupcakes

The way students are pressured to make great grades these days can be confusing for them. Children can come to equate good grades with Godliness, when in fact some very spiritual kids may simply not have gifts in academia. Therefore, the cupcake-with-blackboard snack can help you remind them that their foremost obligation on planet earth is to love God and try to follow Him. It’s great to get an A+ in math, but if you can’t, you can still get an A+ in Love from the God who invented math!

Bible Snack Ingredients

– Your favorite cupcake mix and ingredients it requires

– Yellow frosting

– Chocolate or black frosting

– Tube of white frosting with fine point

– Graham Crackers

– New unsharpened pencil with eraser (optional)


Bible Snack Preparation

– Make cupcakes according to instructions on the mix box.

– Ice with yellow frosting.

– Ice a graham cracker with chocolate frosting, and draw “I LOVE GOD” and “A+” on each.

– Stick the pencil into the center of the cake and use it to support the slate. (You can also leave the pencil out altogether, if you add some extra frosting to hold up the graham cracker chalk board.


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